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In Tanzania, Ms, Natalie Boucly saves as the Resident Representative Appointed Interim for UNDP-Tanzania effectively from 1st/December/2018.  She is coordinating and facilitate all functions and UNDP mandates at the country level, as designated by the administrator at the global level. She will also provide leadership and guidance to the  UNDP staffs in the country.

How UNDP Tanzania work with other UN agencies?

UNDP coordinate development operations and promotes more strategic support for national plans and priorities, aiming to make operations more efficient and effective and to reduces transaction costs for governments and other UN agencies

United Nations Development Assistance Plan II (2016-2021)

 The United Nations Development Assistance Plan phase one 2011-2016 (UNDAPI) concluded on the 30th of June 2016 and the second phase of UNDAP officially began on the 1st of July 2016. UNDAPII has twelve programme outcomes which are grouped under four inter-related themes that acknowledge that Inclusive Growth requires a Healthy Nation which is Resilient to shocks within the context of transparent and accountable Governance serving the citizens’ needs. These four themes are referred to in the plan as Thematic Result Areas and each area focuses on a specific set of objectives. These four Thematic Result Areas are; (i) inclusive growth; (ii) health nation; (iii) resilience and (iv) democratic governance, human rights and gender equality.

Responsibility for delivery of UNDAPII Outcomes is shared amongst UN agencies with national partners. Outputs can be generated by either multiple or single-agency actions in collaboration with Implementing Partner(s). Key Actions clearly articulate the division of labour across single agencies. The agency responsible for the Key Action will also be accountable for the application of relevant cross cutting considerations

Building from the successes and lessons learned from UNDAPI, the Government of Tanzania is also emphasizing the potential of the UNDAPII to further improve the transparency of the UN’s work in Tanzania and to better enhance the UN’s accountability to the Government and development partners.

UNDP as Administrative Agent for the Tanzania One UN Fund

The objective of the Tanzania One UN Fund, under the management and leadership of the Government and the UN Resident Coordinator, is to support the coherent resource mobilization, allocation and disbursement of new donor resources to unfunded elements of the One UN Programme and to support new initiatives responding to emerging needs within the context of the One UN Programme.

 The UNDP Multi Partner Trust Fund (MPTF) Office has been appointed the Administrative Agent of the Tanzania One UN Fund. Its responsibilities include the receipt, administration and management of contributions from Donors; disbursement of such funds to the Participating UN Organizations in accordance with the approved Annual Work Plans/Programmatic Documents; and provision of consolidated reports, in accordance with the MOU, on the Tanzania One UN Fund to the Resident Coordinator based on reports of the Participating UN Organizations.

 UN agencies in the country

The UN System is represented by 20 resident and nonresident agencies. These agencies operate together as a United Nations System, with a common purpose, pursuing common approaches to partnership, country networking, guided by core shared values and principles



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