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Global Compact Network Tanzania challenges companies to disrupt the business-as-usual mindset

Global Compact Network Tanzania plays critical role in raising awareness of businesses and non-businesses on the benefits of operating in a responsible way,  

National Launch of the 2013 Africa Economic Outlook Report: Structural Transformation and Natural Resources

The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) partnered with Africa Development Bank (AFDB), the OECD Development Center and the Economic Commission for Africa (ECA) in production of the 2013 Africa…  

UNDP supports Government to improve contract negotiations and drafting

In an effort to help the government improve its capacity to manage her resources, UNDP Tanzania has supported the government to build the capacity of her officers to understand the best practices used…  

Growth Spillovers. Do China's trade & investment matter for Africa growth?

The paper uses an endogenous growth model and GMM estimates to investigate the influence of international trade and investment by China in 44 Sub-Saharan African economies. The paper show that…  

Stakeholders discuss the role of Private Sector in Poverty Reduction

Various stakeholders across sectors came together in a roundtable discussion to discuss the role of the Private Sector in poverty reduction  

Africa Training and Management Services

The project aims to strengthen the capacity of private companies assisting them to improve their human capital solutions that lead to wealth creation via the private sector and commercially operated…  

Private Sector Development

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