Human Rights, Gender and the Role of Police in Democratic Elections

03 Feb 2017
Human Rights, Gender and Role of Police in Election Cover image


This manual on Human Rights is unique in one respect. It is designed to impart human rights principles to Tanzanian police officers in order to equip them professionally for the crucial functions they are expected to discharge during the electoral process.

It is evidently that the protection of human rights is part and parcel of the exercise of routine police functions. However in an electoral process, the loftiest exercise of the democratic rights of citizens, the protection and observance of human rights comes sharply in focus.

Therefor this manual has contributed and will continue to build the professional perfection of Tanzanian police officers not only for the democratic management of the electoral process but also for the routine performance of their functions.

Topic covered

  • Introduction to human rights
  • Policing in a democracy
  • Gender, diversity, social inclusion and elections
  • Community policing
  • Conflict resolving
  • Maintenance of public order.
  • Arrest.
  • Use of force and firearms
  • The role of police in elections
  • Human rights violations
  • Safety procedures for security forces dealing with the media

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