Report of the judiciary of Tanzania on handling of electoral disputes and the digest of petitions arising from the 2015 election petitions

03 Feb 2017


The Report is a product of a collaborative effort between the Judiciary and UNDP that started with the training of judicial officers even before the 2015 elections were held in October 2015.

This Report aims primarily at providing Judicial Officers and other key stakeholders, lawyers inclusive, with a tool that will assist them in attaining the necessary skills, knowledge and proficiency that would give them a better understanding of legal issues, interpreting of electoral laws, the role of the Judiciary and methodologies deployed in the adjudication of electoral disputes.

The Report also aims at contributing to the available legal resources, especially by providing all stakeholders with a handy tool to which they can make quick reference while handling election disputes in the future. More specifically, apart from equipping those concerned with a broad understanding of the electoral laws and the dispute resolution mechanism, the Report aims at:

  • Setting out the achievements and challenges encountered by the Judiciary in handling Election petitions. 
  • Setting out recommendations for improvements for future handling election petitions.

  • Election related lessons and advice from observers’ Missions and Group
  • The role of the court in pre-elections civil and criminal trials
  • Election petitions
  • Analysis and lessons from the grounds of election petitions
  • Matters and jurisprudence that arose during hearing of election petitions
  • The Court of Appeal intervention
  • Challenges faced by the Court in handling Election Petitions
  • Recommendations and conclusion