Inclusive Governance Strategy Paper 2016-2021

30 Jan 2017


This strategy paper sets out UNDP Tanzania’s governance programme 2016–2021. The programme goal is effective, transparent, accountable and inclusive governance, in line with the principal objectives set out in the Tanzania Development Vision 2025 and Zanzibar Vision 2020, which include

  • Peace, 
  • Stability, 
  • Unity
  • And good governance.
The specific objectives of UNDP governance support are further aligned with the priorities set out in the National Five-Year Development Plan II, including  
  • ensuring systems and structures of governance uphold the rule of law and are democratic, 
  • Effective, accountable, predictable, transparent, inclusive and free from corruption at all levels;
  • improving public service delivery to all, especially the poor and vulnerable, including access to justice; 
  • Promoting human rights for all, particularly for poor women, men and children and vulnerable groups; and ensuring and personal security and safety of property. 

Focus areas

  • Support to effective and responsive legislature
  • Preventing and responding to violent extremisim
  • Improved access to justice and human right promotion
  • Supporting public and private ant-corruption initiatives in Tanzania

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