UNDP Tanzania Success Stories - Fighting Corruption

March 2013 04 Apr 2013 12

Since 2000 UNDP in Tanzania has supported the National Ant- Corruption Strategy and Action Plan(NACSAP) hence the document presents the work of UNDP in its support to government in fighting corruption. It highlights the results and success stories of the National Ant- corruption Strategic Action Plan (NACSAP) which was being implemented by PCCB under the technical and financial support of UNDP.

UNDP anti-corruption support is also found in its Legislatures Support Project which includes assistance to Members of both the National Assembly and the Zanzibar House of Representatives to improve their skills in budget and public spending oversight and in improving government transparency and accountability. UNDP climate change work, especially the multi-million dollar Reduction of Emissions from Forest Destruction and Degradation (REDD) programme has a significant anti-corruption element.

  • Awareness programme have reduced the number of complaints of corruption by 41.9% since 2006/2007
  • The Ministry has directed all 25 regions in the country to put aside funds for anti corruption activities

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