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04 Apr 2013 12

Report Summary

Relations between the United Nations and the Tanzania National Assembly is long and close. UN agencies including UNDP, UN Women, UNAIDS and others have worked with the Tanzania National Assembly for more than a decade.

UNDP is committed to building better Parliaments and stronger democracies worldwide. We work with one-in-three parliaments in the developing world, covering more than fifty countries.

Here in Tanzania, UNDP has been a partner in support of the needs of elected Members of Parliament and their Secretariats for a number of years. This long and close relationship is now reflected in a renewed partnership, the Legislature Support Project (launched 2012 to operate through 2015).

This project is fully anchored in the first ever five year UN business plan or UNDAP which is the UN’s commitment to the realization of the national development and poverty reduction goals.

Our partnership is based on a shared understanding that development depends on good governance, and good governance depends on strong parliaments. As well, we know that strong parliaments enable governments to respect the will of their own people.

Parliaments provide the authority to government to spend public money in the interests of citizens and development. They rightly hold government to account for the results, or not, of that spending. Strong parliaments, accountability and successful government are keys to the development, prosperity and success of the people of Tanzania.

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