Capacity Development

  • Capacity Development for Results based Monitoring,Evaluation &AuditingThe project started in October 2012 with the purpose of responding to expressed needs of the Government in the context of the public financial management (PFM) as well as addressing the capacity gaps in the national poverty monitoring and evaluation institutions and systems, including sub-national and community monitoring systems.

  • Capacity for Reform Management & Implementation ZanzibarThis is a four year project intending to support key national institutions particularly the President’s Office, First Vice President’s Office, Second Vice President’s Office and Planning Commission to effectively provide policy guidance, oversight, coordination and implementation of reforms and MKUZA II implementation plan

  • Enhancing Aid Management Capacity in Tanzania & ZanzibarEnhancing Aid Management Capacity in Tanzania & ZanzibarThe programme is expected to stimulate a transformational change for some of the central instruments in the aid cooperation to provide firmer Government leadership and national ownership in the medium-term in line with MKUKUTA II and Vision 2025.

  • Evidence Based Planning & Monitoring of MKUZAThe project aims in improving accountability and pursue evidence based policy decision making, supporting and developing the operation of M&E activities throughout the sector and national level within the government of Zanzibar

  • Policy Coherence,Core Reforms & Goverment Monitoring SystemProject focuses on creation of stronger government policy development and coherence, reforms, including improved reform coordination, Monitoring and Evaluation, and to support the establishment of a Cabinet Secretariat Evaluation Committee and M&E Unit.

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