Capacity Development for Results based Monitoring Evaluation & Auditing


The Government of Tanzania is currently implementing the Five-Year Development Plan and the Long Term Perspective Plan, which are overarching plans to promote economic growth. The design and development of the FYDP and MKUKUTA II was partly a response to the findings of the Household Budget survey 2007, which showed that despite increasing growth rates (averaging 7 percent) poverty remained widespread particularly in rural areas, and especially among women. Among the major reason for the wide spread of poverty in rural areas indicated in that analysis was the inability for growth alone to address a growing poverty problem despite the notable growth of the overall GDP.

The challenges of poverty reduction are compounded by very low implementation capacity, inadequate accountability for the management of resources in the public sector at large particularly at the sub-national level where appropriate resources are not reaching the intended communities, through community development programmes


  • Enhance the capacity of M&E systems and the Local Government Monitoring Database (LGMD) under PMO-RALG to improve M&E activities for planning, budgeting and evidence-based decision making;
  •  Enhance institutional capacity of the NAO to effectively carryout results-based audit works in MDAs, LGAs, Public Authorities and Projects that are implemented by government and to produce high quality and timely audit reports and follow up as means of enhancing greater financial accountability in the public sector.



2011 -2015

Donor Name Amount
UNDP $4153,000
One UN Fund $1000,000

Delivery in the previous fiscal year

Duration Amount
2011 - to date

Project Overview
Start date
Estimated end date
Geographical Coverage
Tanzania Mainland
Focus area
Capacity Development
UNDP Project Officer
Implementing Partners
Ministry of Finance (Poverty Reduction Unit)
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