Enhancing Aid Management Capacity in Tanzania& Zanzibar



UNDP has since the mid 1990’ies played a central role in supporting Government and Development Partners’ efforts to enhance the effectiveness of aid delivery and cooperation through high-level advisory services on improving aid harmonization and coordination among DPs, and strengthening aid management capacity in Government. From 2008, UNDP implemented two projects  under the National Execution Modality which are; the Support to the Development Partners Group Secretariat – DPG Secretariat; and 2) Support to Capacity Building for External Resources and Development Management – CB-ERDM project.

In 2010, UNDP commissioned an independent assessment of the two UNDP projects supporting the aid effectiveness agenda in Tanzania (DPG Secretariat and the CB-ERDM project supporting MoF/POFEDP). The assessment found that although both interventions had successfully supported an improved DP coordination and Government aid management capacity, further and a broader scope of interventions would be needed to harvest greater achievements in reduced transaction costs, improved quality of dialogue and delivery of tangible results.

 The  programme  is expected to stimulate a transformational change for some of the central instruments in the aid cooperation to provide firmer Government leadership and national ownership in the medium-term in line with MKUKUTA II and Vision 2025.



  • UNDP facilitated the review of MKUKUTA and MKUZA as well as the drafting of MKUKUTA II and MKUZA II and other UNDP projects have provided specific support to the strengthening of the MKUKUTA and MKUZA strategies, M&E systems and operational plans
  • UNDP provides support to a strengthened international cooperation and gaining lessons learnt between Ministry of Finance and key stakeholders.


  • UNDP has since 2006 supported the roll-out of the JAST based on Paris Declaration principles (2005) in its support to the DPG Main, relevant DPG sector groups as well as in the technical and UNDP-financed support to Ministry of Finance through DP annual introductory courses for new DP staff and tailor-made trainings on aid architecture, budget cycle and exchequer system together with a strengthening of the national aid management system (AMP) and MTEF cycle management.
  •  UNDP has been acting as the formal channel of communication between DPG and the Government of Tanzania on aid coordination. 


 UNDP has facilitated the processes related to the development of an effective division of labour for the Development Partners. 


Donor Amount
UNDP US$ 2100,000
One UN Fund US$ 800,000

Delivery from the previous fiscal year

Duration Amount
2011 - to date US$
Project Overview
Start date
Estimated end date
Geographical coverage
Tanzania Mainland & Zanzibar
Focus Area
Capacity Development
UNDP project officer
Implementing Partners
Ministry Finance
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Tanzania -Implementing the Unfinished Aid Effectiveness Agenda for greater Development Effectiveness

The brochure aims to share the achievements that the country has made so far – highlighting the considerable steps Tanzania has taken towards implementation of the global aid effectiveness agenda, and the progress in improving aid management and partnership.

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