Policy Coherence, Core Reforms & Goverment Monitoring System


During the last decade, Tanzania has made impressive achievement in macro-economic, social and political development. Despite the impressive achievements in some economic areas, for example, growth of GDP has been at 6.5 percent per annum, however, it has not made good progress in sharing the benefits of growth as the absolute number of the poor has increased, while the percentage of the poor below the poverty line has remained at about 33 percent by 2010

In recent years, several major aid donors including the United States of America have singled out Tanzania as a preferred African partner, in part on the basis of accomplishments in good governance.  In addition to these improvements, Tanzania has realized that strong synergies and coherence of policy frameworks would contribute significantly to enhancement of good governance and the coordination of implementation of national development strategies.Thus policy coherence is an important ingredient for achieving the intended objectives and goals in an efficient and effective manner


  • The purpose of this project support is to strengthen institutional capacity of the government to deliver better services in areas of policy coherence, reform coordination and monitoring and evaluation.



2011 - 2015

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