Pro - Poor Economic Growth & Environmentally sustainable Development


The  global   commitment  to  sustainable   and  equitable   development is  enshrined   in  the   Millennium Development Goals (MDGs).  Adopted by world  leaders in the year 2000, and set to be achieved by 2015, the MDGs provide  concrete, numerical benchmarks  for  tackling extreme poverty  in its many  dimensions. The MDGs are interlinked - progress  in one  goal supports  progress  in others, as such for  the greatest impact, it is important to invest across all of the MDGs. In particular,environmental sustainability is needed both to achieve the MDGs and sustain progress.

This implies the need for multi-sectoral approaches and coordination among  various  implementing agencies  are  critical  in  order  to achieve  the  MDGs, other internationally agreed development goals and shape the development agenda post 2015

This project  supports the national efforts to reduce income poverty through promoting inclusive, sustainable and employment-enhancing growth by focusing on enhancing Tanzania's institutional capabilities for developing pro-poor growth and environmentally  sustainable development policies and strategies


  • The project aims to strengthen existing national planning, policy making, budgefmg and monitoring processes in partnership with key ·Institutions involved in planning,  budgeting  and  monitoring  and national, sector  and local levels



2012 - 2015

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Tanzania Mainland
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Capacity Development
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Presidents Office - Planning Commision
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