Strengthening Climate Information and Early Warning Systems (SCIEWS)

Project summary and objectives

The objective of the project is to strengthen the weather, climate and hydrological monitoring capabilities, early warning systems and available information for responding to extreme weather and planning adaptation to climate change in Tanzania. The project is raising the level of capacity of agencies to monitor, assess and disseminate hydro-climate information for early warnings and long-term planning. 

Key achievements

  1. The project has completed installation of 36 Automatic Weather Stations (AWS). The  stations are in Babati, Arusha National Park, Mombo Air Strip, Simanjiro, Ngorongoro Conservation Area, Kilindi, Liwale, Mafia Airport, Ruangwa, Namtumbo, Mbambabey,Tukuyu, Kibondo, Lushoto, Muhuwezi Seminary, Bahi, Tarime, Lyamungo, Sadan- Mufindi, Kibengu-Mfindi,  Sikonge, Mbeya Old Airport, Ifakara- Katrin, Muhukur –Songea rural, Muleba, Chato Air Strip, Kigoma Meteorological College, Kigoma Marine, Lindi Airport (Kikwetu), Itungi Port Kyela, Pemba and Zanzibar. The stations are transmitting weather information in hourly basis to the TMA server located in Dar es Salaam
  2. Supported the installation of the fibre optical network to 9 AWS stations and increased 2 servers to support data transmission
  3. Trained 6 Tanzania Metrological Agency -TMA staffs on the calibration and maintenance of new supplied Automatic weather stations
  4. Trained TMA technical staff on adopting data assimilation technique in Weather Research and Forecasting model (WRF) using available computing facilities for improving the accuracy of the model forecast.
  5. Installed 10 Hydrological stations in 10 rivers namely Maji ya chai, Nduruma, Themi, Makisoru, Tengeru, Burka, Usa, Kikuletwa and Malala.
  6. Installed 5 rainfall stations in 5 institutions namely Mareu Lutheran Church, Emmanuel VTC Maroroni, Usa Forest, Ndoombo Primary School and Songambele Primary School.  All of them are in Arumeru district.
  7.  Connected all the installed hydro stations with the servers installed in Pangani basin office.  
  8. Trained 11 Hydrology technicians on calibration, maintaining and installation of new supplied hydrological equipment.


Donor Name Amount budgeted
Global Environmental Facility - GEF $4,000,000 
The Government of the United Republic of Tanzania $22,565,000 
UNDP Tanzania $600,000 

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