Mainstreaming Climate Change Adaptation Through Small Grants Programmes


This project aims at supporting implementation of early adaptation actions for local communities that are adversely affected by climate change impacts in selected areas of Tanzania. The project also focus on demonstrating successful community based climate change adaptation initiatives  for people living in marginal areas.

The project will provide support to approximately 10,000  people mostly farmers and pastoralists in Longido, lringa Rural and Bahi districts to cope with drought and water scarcity problems related to climate change effects. The basic idea is to improve  people's livelihoods through reducing vulnerabilities and increasing climate change resilience.

The project will be achieved by equipping the communities with knowledge and technologies, which are appropriate jar combating impacts of climate change on agricultural productivity, foad security, water availability and rangelands.

Expected Results

  • Awareness  on the linkage between climate change and human development increased and adaptation capacity built for local communities in 15 target villages.
  • Local capacity  on integrating  climate change adaptation  in district Development  Plans in 3LGAs enhanced.
  • Demo projects  on climate  change adaptation  in agriculture  (including  livestock) and water sectors supported.
  • Local capacity on mainstreaming cross-cutting issues specifically gender, human rights and good governance  in development planning strengthened.
  • Local  project  results  and  lessons  learnt generated,  captured  and  documented  for inter­ community learning and policy dialogue.  


Donors Amount(US $)
UNDP(TRAC)) 1,200,000.00
One UN 400,000.00
Small Grants Programme 400,000.00

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