Mainstreaming Environment& Climate Change Adaptation in the Implementation of National Policies


Impacts of climate change in Tanzania are already evidenced in several geographic areas for key sectors over a period of the last decade. It is in fact projected that future climate change could be much worse, leading to significant economic costs to the country. The combined effects of current climate vulnerability and projected future climate change are expected to be large enough to prevent Tanzania from achieving key economic growth, human development and poverty reduction targets, including the planned timetable for achieving middle income status.

The key problem is that Tanzania is not adequately prepared in addressin the ongoing and future climate change impacts. The country has a large existing adaptation deficit which requires urgent action. Despite all  the  efforts   in  developing  policies  and  establishing variou initiatives to   address the  issues, implementation has not  yet  progressed far  and coordination of  various initiatives needs to  be strengthened.  

Project Objectives

 The overarching aim is to strengthen Tanzania's national capacity for climate change adaptation. The goal is to ensure that environment and climate change are mainstreamed in the most economically important and vulnerable sectors of the economy in Tanzania leading to reduced poverty levels while maintaining environmental integrity.

The specific objectives are:

  • Contribute to mainstreaming of environment and climate change adaptation in MKUKUTA-11 implementation.
  • Strengthening of Institutional Framework for climate change governance.
  • Creating enabling environment and preparedness for enhancing Tanzania's opportunities in accessing international climate change adaptation funds.
  • Increasing awareness among general public and MDAs on climate change impacts and adaptation options. 


Donor Amount(US $)
UNDP 820,000.00
One UN 2,000,000.00

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