Strengthening Climate Change Governance in Zanzibar


The impacts of climate change in Zanzibar are already evidenced in some areas for  key sectors over a period  of  the  last  decade. This includes water, forest,  agriculture and  energy  sectors.  It is in fact projected that future climate change could be much worse, leading  to  significant economic  costs.

The key problem  is that  Zanzibar is not  adequately  prepared  in addressing  the  ongoing  and future climate  change impacts.  Zanzibar has a large existing adaptation deficit  which  requires urgent  action. 

Despite all the efforts  in developing policies  and establishing  various initiatives to  address the issues, implementation  has  not   yet  progressed   far  and  coordination  of  various   initiatives  needs  to  be strengthened.

Project Objectives

The aim of the project  is to support the Zanzibar Vice residents Office(ZVPO)in strengthening climate change governance  for Zanzibar through capacity  building and mainstreaming of adaptation actions in development plans.The project  will strengthen the foundation for Zanzibar Government in addressing climate  change challenges.


Donors Amount(US $)
UNDP  1,060,000.00
One Fund 740,000.00

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