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The Union of Zanzibar legislatures are different levels of development reflecting the history, needs and resources of both jurisdiction.In response to the capacity development needs articulated in the Corporate/Strategic Plans of the two legislatures, the project will provide support to the National Assembly and the Zanzibar House of Representatives by helping to strengthen Members’ legislative, oversight and representative capacities and assisting the Secretariats of both legislatures to deliver upgraded services to Members


  • Strengthen  and  enhance  the  capacity  of  MPs  and  their   committees   to  better   exercise  their interrelated functions  of  law  making, executive oversight  including  national  budget  approval and oversight, and representation  of constituents/citizens
  • Strengthen   the   Secretariats  of   both   legislatures  to   help   them   deliver   effective   services  to parliamentarians  and  help  build  sustainable,  modern   internal  parliamentary   staff   management structures and practices.
  • Enhance Members outreach to citizens to better represent their interests/ Strengthened dialogue between parliament and citizen
  • Strengthen capacity of MPs to undertake gender analysis of potential legislation
  • Simplify the structure of the Parliament Secretariat so as to enhance efficiency vis-à-vis Members of Parliament and accountability vis-à-vis the public.
  • Enhance overall effectiveness of Members by providing them with Research and IT services
  • Improve the administrative efficiency of the National Assembly of United Republic of Tanzania.   


  • The Budget Cycle for the United Republic of Tanzania has been revised giving more time for Account Committees to deliberate on the submissions before they are tabled in the National Assembly. The project has been early to respond to the needs of the new Accounts Committee members in the analysis of the 2013/14 budget.
  • A comprehensive independent needs assessment for the two legislatures has been conducted and validated by the LSP Project board in two separate meetings. The report underscores the necessity of the capacity building areas contained in the LSP including research assistance and capacity needs for the parliamentary committees and professional training and support for the secretariat. Need for greater independence of the institution through the on-going constitutional process or other was also pointed in the report.


2011 -2012
Donor name Amount contributed per year
DFID $2340,000
One UN fund $2400,000

Delivery in previous fiscal year

Duration Amount 
2011 to date $1241,000

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