Africa Adaptation Programme (AAP)


AAPA water reserve tank Built by AAP in Nungwi village, Zanzibar

Tanzania is considered one of the poorest countries, vulnerable to disasters, which include periods of drought and floods in some parts of the country (tropical hazards; vulnerable to flooding on the central plateau during the rainy season) and sudden outbreaks of diseases.

HoweverTanzania is one of 20 African countries that implemented AAP.The  country participated in order to strengthen the abilities to deliver a development agenda that makes steady and secure progress towards the climate change adaptation.

AAP objective has been thus to enhance the adaptive capacity of Tanzania, promote early adaptation action and lay the foundations for long-term investment to increase resilience to climate change in the country


  • Strengthen and link District Environmental Committees in the four pilot districts (3 in the mainland and 1 in Zanzibar) to the national coordinating framework.
  • Strengthen the early warning systems by supporting TMA to provide updated information on early warning and disaster preparedness to relevant institutions which will include, MAFC, Disaster Management unit of PMO-RALG and others.
  • Design and implement an integrated adaptation project in a coastal area targeting adaptation to sea level rise incorporating flood management, infrastructure planning, disaster preparedness and early warning systems on the mainland and in Zanzibar.
  • Design and implement an integrated adaptation project in a semi-arid area on adapting to drought stress incorporating energy, water, pasture and livestock management and alternative livelihoods linking with the SLM programme under UNDP.
  • Develop specific replication and up scaling guidelines for each pilot and link their implementation with appropriate financing mechanisms developed under output 4.      


  • the project supported four (4) Community Based Adaptation (CBA) pilot projects that were intended to provide evidence based policy lessons. Pilot activities have been implemented in three (3) districts of Tanzania Mainland (Igunga, Mbinga and Misenyi District Councils) and Nungwi area in North A District of Zanzibar.
  •  Through AAP Tanzania laid foundations that support development of climate change resilient. Water policies, institutions and leadership capacities were strengthened.
  • AAP has enhanced the adaptive capacity of Tanzania, promoted early adaptation action and laid a foundation for long-term investment to increase resilience to climate change in the country.


Donor Amount
JICA USD$ 2971,576

Delivery from the previous fiscal year

Duration Amount
2010 - 2012 USD$ 3.5mil

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