Mainstreaming Sustainable Forest Management in the Miombo Woodlands of Western Tanzania


MIOMBOPart of Miombo forest area which shows how trees are being cut for different use

Miombo covers 40% of Tanzania, in major two blocks, the drier south – east and the larger and richer area in the moist west of Tanzania, bordering the Congolian Forest Patches of Mahale Mountains. The woodlands are a primary source of energy in the form of firewood and charcoal and a crucial source of essential subsistence goods such as poles and construction products, timber, materials for tool handles and household utensils, foods medicines, leaf litter, grazing and browse. In addition the woodlands provide ecosystem services in harboring biodiversity, maintaining carbon stock (and therefore regulating climate), Controlling soil erosion, providing shade, modifying hydrological cycles and maintaining soil fertility. The miombo woodlands are however threatened by deforestation and degradation driven by settlers, land clearance and burning for agriculture, saw millers, tobacco industry, charcoal producers and climate change.

The project addresses a number of challenges including the degradation of Miombo woodlands which is well recorded in the region.  While the project focuses on 28 villages in 4 districts in the regions of Tabora and Katavi, the lessons learned will contribute to improving the sustainability of Miombo woodlands.


  • To improve sustainable use and management of natural resources derived from Miombo woodlands; to strengthen the skills and capacities for Community Based and Joint Forest Management and it also aims to promote energy switch to sustainable charcoal reducing pressures on the woodland and supporting broader livelihood options.  

Expected Outcomes

  • Skills and capacities for knowledge based CBFM/JFM, integrated soil fertility management and land use planning strengthened
  • Adoption of sustainable charcoal and energy switch reduce pressure on woodlands
  • Markets and technology support to expansion of livelihood options to reduce pressure natural resource and incomes increased
  • The policy regulatory& institutional arrangements to support sustainable forest management in the Miombo woodlands enhanced


 2012 2013  
GEF US$ 2745,00
UNDP US$ 800,000
Goverment US$ 5900,000
Private Sector US$3566,666
IRA US$ 3500,000

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