Our Projects

Private Sector Development

  • Africa Training and Management ServicesAfrica Training and Management ServicesThe project aims to strengthen the capacity of private companies assisting them to improve their human capital solutions that lead to wealth creation via the private sector and commercially operated state enterprises.

  • Southern Agriculture Growth Corridor(SAGCOT) Capacity Development ProjectSouthern Agriculture Growth Corridor(SAGCOT) Capacity Development ProjectTanzania has much to do to reduce extreme hunger and malnutrition. The 2010 Hunger Index ranks the situation as 'alarming'.SAGCOT is part of the plans under the Kilimo Kwanza (Agriculture First) initiative to promote the development of the agriculture sector.

Democratic Governance

  • Legislature Support ProjectLegislature Support ProjectThe project aims to strengthen and enhance the capacity of MPs and their committees to better exercise their interrelated functions of law making, executive oversight including national budget approval , oversight and representation of citizens

  • Democratic Empowerment Project(DEP)Democratic Empowerment Project(DEP)The new project is a four -year (January 2013- June 2016) project with the objective of strengthening the credibility and capacity of key institutions of democracy(NEC,ZEC) to effectively implement their election and political activities

  • Disaster Management ProjectThe project aims to support in strengthening Tanzania disaster risk management capacity via the development of the national disaster risk reduction capacity and the implementation of the current institutional and legislative frameworks

  • Support to Zanzibar Legal Sector Reform ProgrammeUNDP is working with the Zanzibar Ministry of Justice and Constitutional Affairs to support a comprehensive legal sector reform programme

Environment and Energy

  • UN Reduction of Emission,Deforestation and degradation(REDD)The UN REDD aims at reducing emissions from deforestation and forest degradation in developing countries through adapting forest management system along with establishing financing mechanisms with associated monitoring and verification system

  • Africa Adaptation Programme (AAP)Africa Adaptation Programme (AAP)AAP objective has been thus to enhance the adaptive capacity of Tanzania, promote early adaptation action and lay the foundations for long-term investment to increase resilience to climate change in the country

  • Lake Tanganyika intergrated projectLake Tanganyika intergrated projectThe project aims at piloting interventions that will contribute to the reduction of sediments flow into Lake Tanganyika from the Pilot villages through integrated catchment management thereby improving Lake Habitat and reducing point pollution levels of Lake Tanganyika waters

  • Extending the Coastal Forest Protected Area Subsystem in TanzaniaThe Goal of the Integrated Ecosystem Management Programme is the Coastal Forest Biodiversity and ecosystem values are conserved and provide sustainable benefit flows at local, national and global levels.

  • Strengthening Protected Areas Network in Southern Tanzania(SPANEST)Strengthening Protected Areas Network in Southern Tanzania(SPANEST)The high turn over of biodiversity across the country presents a challenge to conservation managers as it means large areas need to be managed so as to conserve the full range biodiversity. UNDP support aims to increase the effectiveness of the National Parks in protecting biodiversity and provide for the long term ecological, social and financial sustainability of that system.

  • Sustainable Land Management KilimanjaroSustainable Land Management KilimanjaroThe project aims to remove the barriers to SLM through a multi-level approach in which at the local level it will strengthen the capacity and incentives for SLM through participatory planning processes involving the local institution and knowledge systems

  • Sustainable Forest Management in the Miombo WoodlandSustainable Forest Management in the Miombo WoodlandThe overall Goal of the project is that ―Sustainable Forest Management secures ecosystem and biodiversity values while providing a buffer to the Congolian Rain forest, ensuring food security and sustainable livelihoods. To achieve this, biodiversity conservation has to be mainstreamed into economic planning and development, so that agricultural productivity and sustainable livelihoods are improved while simultaneously improving the ecological integrity of the ecosystem, including securing its productivity from negative effects of climate change

Capacity Development

  • Capacity for Reform Management & Implementation ZanzibarThis is a four year project intending to support key national institutions particularly the President’s Office, First Vice President’s Office, Second Vice President’s Office and Planning Commission to effectively provide policy guidance, oversight, coordination and implementation of reforms and MKUZA II implementation plan

  • Capacity Development for Results based Monitoring,Evaluation &AuditingThe project started in October 2012 with the purpose of responding to expressed needs of the Government in the context of the public financial management (PFM) as well as addressing the capacity gaps in the national poverty monitoring and evaluation institutions and systems, including sub-national and community monitoring systems.

  • Evidence Based Planning & Monitoring of MKUZAThe project aims in improving accountability and pursue evidence based policy decision making, supporting and developing the operation of M&E activities throughout the sector and national level within the government of Zanzibar

  • Pro- Poor Economic Growth & Environmentally sustainable developmentThis is the project that will support the national efforts to reduce income poverty through promoting inclusive, sustainable and employment-enhancing growth by focusing on enhancing Tanzania’s institutional capabilities for developing pro-poor growth and environmentally sustainable development policies and strategies

  • Policy Coherence,Core Reforms & Goverment Monitoring SystemProject focuses on creation of stronger government policy development and coherence, reforms, including improved reform coordination, Monitoring and Evaluation, and to support the establishment of a Cabinet Secretariat Evaluation Committee and M&E Unit.

  • Enhancing Aid Management Capacity in Tanzania & ZanzibarEnhancing Aid Management Capacity in Tanzania & ZanzibarThe programme is expected to stimulate a transformational change for some of the central instruments in the aid cooperation to provide firmer Government leadership and national ownership in the medium-term in line with MKUKUTA II and Vision 2025.

Climate Change & Energy

  • Mainstreaming Environment & Climate Change Adaptation in the implementation of National PoliciesThe overarching aim of the project is to strengthen Tanzania's national capacity for climate change adaptation. The goal is to ensure that environment and climate change are mainstreamed in the most economically important and vulnerable sectors of the economy in Tanzania leading to reduced poverty levels while maintaining environmental integrity.

  • Strengthening Climate Change Governance in ZanzibarThe aim of the project is to support the Zanzibar Vice residents Office(ZVPO)in strengthening climate change governance for Zanzibar through capacity building and mainstreaming of adaptation actions in development plans.The project will strengthen the foundation for Zanzibar Government in addressing climate change challenges.

  • Mainstreaming Climate Change Adaptation Through Small Grants ProgrammesThis project aims at supporting implementation of early adaptation actions for local communities that are adversely affected by climate change impacts in selected areas of Tanzania. The project also focus on demonstrating successful community based climate change adaptation initiatives for people living in marginal areas

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