Capacity Development for Mainstreaming Trade


Trade  has  the  potential  to fuel  broad  based  economic growth  and  poverty  reduction  in Tanzania­ However for  the  gains  to  be  realized and  the  benefits to be sustained, trade  must  be  linked more prominently to sustainable human development.  One way of achieving this symbiosis is for trade policy to be developed and implemented in tandem with measures that provide the physical, institutional human capital needed to realize sustainable social and developmental objectives.

UNDP is working with the Ministry of Industry and Trade (MIT), line ministries with trade functions, and business organizations to build capacity to analyze integrate and mainstream trade in policies and programmes at the national and sub-national level.

The project aims at strengthening Ministry of Industry and Trade operational and technical capacity to guide, monitor and coordinate trade development interventions and to effectively implement the Trade Sector Development programme (TSDP).The specific objective of the project is to strengthens the capacity of Tanzanian institutions and stakeholders to mainstream trade and formulate and implement pro-poor trade policies and programmes that support inclusive and sustainable growth patterns

Expected Results

  • Policy coherence, evidence-based and (human) development-centred trade policies are promoted by advancing of the mainstreaming trade agenda.
  • Tanzanian MDAs, private sector and civil society organizations dynamically participate in trade policy formulation and implementation.
  • Capacity to contribute to and implement trade policies and strategies is enhanced in Zanzibar;
  • Government of Tanzania advances on mainstreaming trade agenda at the sub-national level (pilot interventions in at least two regions)
  •  The procurement, financial management, monitoring and evaluation capacity andInstitutional framework is present to ensure that trade related strategies and Enhanced Integrated Framework / Aid for Trade projects are developed and implemented


Donors Amount(US$)
EIF 900,000.00
UNDP Trac 2655,000.000
UN Fund 600,000.000

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