Capacity Development

Within the framework of Delivering as One UN in Tanzania, UNDP works closely with other UN agencies, the Government, as well as with development partners and civil society to build capacity of government to coordinate and mainstream efforts at the sector level and to reinforce implementation at the local level.

Our Goals

The overall goal of UNDP in this area is to Support government efforts to help drive the national development agenda through aligning its support specifically to the national development priorities contained in the MKUKUTA/MKUZA II. Key priority is to support government to address lack of systematic approaches to capacity development, formulation and implementation of a national capacity development strategy that is intended to address medium and long-term gaps in institutional and human resource capacity. The core capacity issues that UNDP is promoting are: leadership, institutional arrangements, knowledge and accountability. All these encompass upstream policy advice, advocacy, coordination as well as downstream interventions aimed at generating good lessons and practices to inform the national policy making process.more

Development Partners Group

DPG in a field visit at Mtwara Habour

Our Stories

  • Community based activities improve women’s lives

    Jipe Moyo Women Group, Kibara village in Bunda District (Lake Zone part of Tanzania) is made of 30 women who are engaging in small income generating activities for their livelihood. The group was established in 2006 following their own ambition of liberating themselves from poverty through forming self help groups. The aim of the group was to help each other through undertaking small income generating activities eg horticulture, poultry keeping and fishing.more

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  • A well grown sunflower farm at Guta village,Bunda District

    Modern farming helps farmers improve their agricultural productivity

    Kurwa Nyaroche is among of the farmers at Guta village, Bunda District, Mara Region, who is seeing a big difference in his agricultural productivity after received a support from Millenium Development Acceleration framework (MAF) project to adapt on the new ways of farming.more

Projects and Initiatives

Capacity Development

Capacity for Reform Management & Implementation Zanzibar

The project aims to upport key national institutions particularly the Presidents office, FVPO,SVPO and planning commission to effectively provide policy guidance oversight, coordination and implementation of reforms and Mkuza II implementation plan. more


Capacity Development for Results based Monitoring,Evaluation &Auditing

This project started in October 2012 with the purpose of responding to expressed needs of the Government in the context of the public financial management (PFM) as well as addressing the capacity gaps in the national poverty monitoring and evaluation institutions and systems, including sub-national and community monitoring systems more


Evidence Based Planning & Monitoring of MKUZA

Implemented by President’s Office Finance Economy and Development Planning this is four year project with aim of improving accountability and pursue evidence based policy decision making, and support and develop the operation of M&E activities throughout the sector and national level within the government of Zanzibar more

Pro poor

Pro- Poor Economic Growth & Environmentally sustainable development

The project aims to strengthen existing national planning, policy making, budgeting and monitoring processes in partnership with key institutions involved in planning, budgeting and monitoring at national, sector and local level more


Policy Coherence,Core Reforms & Goverment Monitoring System

Project focuses on creation of stronger government policy development and coherence, reforms, including improved reform coordination, Monitoring and Evaluation, and to support the establishment of a Cabinet Secretariat Evaluation Committee and M&E Unit. more

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