Democratic Governance

Democratic governance is crucial to bringing about positive change in nations and communities. Over many years UNDP and other UN agencies have assisted Tanzanians in their efforts to improve good governance.UNDP supports governments to establish responsive institutions and methods that promote fair, inclusive elections and rule of law, with a special focus on women and marginalized groups. The UNDP support on Governance is fully anchored in the One UN plan for Tanzania UNDAPII. Read More

UNDP Tanzania Inclusive Democratic Governance Goals

UNDP helps create an enabling environment for all social partners, including civil societies, to grow in strength and contribute towards national development. Our ultimate goal is to bring effective and equitable delivery of service to citizens -- especially the poor, indigenous and local communities -- and reinforce the rule of law and citizen security through the design of appropriate policy, legal and regulatory frameworks and strengthening of local governance institutions. We assist in bridging the gap between humanitarian, peacebuilding and longer-term development efforts, helping countries in peaceful settlement of disputes and progress towards democratic governance.Read More

Promoting Women Leadership

UNDP, UNESCO & UN Women promote women leadesrhip and election participation through community mediamore

Projects and Initiatives

  • Legislature Support Project

    The Legislatures Support Project was designed at the request of both the National Assembly and the Zanzibar House of Representatives. The initiative builds on fours year of successful partnership support through the UNDP Deepening Democracy Project (2007-2010). This new project contributes to the capacity development goals of the National Assembly’s Corporate Plan and the Zanzibar House of Representatives Strategic Plan which set out the dimensions and priorities for the further development of the Legislaturesmore 

  • Democratic Empowerment Project(DEP)

    Recognizing that successful, fair and transparent elections are critical for ensuring conflict mitigation and peace building in country like Tanzania, UNDP is supporting the government to implement a three year project with the aim of strengthening the credibility and capacity of key institutions of democracy (NEC,ZEC) to effectively implement their elections and political activitiesmore 

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