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Access to safe water changes lives in Nungwi Village

Khadija Komboni (36yrs) is a mother of 12 children living in Nungwi A village, North A District Zanzibar. As other areas in the world, the village faced serious impact of climate change including rise in the sea level which led to sea water intruding in ‘fresh’ water supplies, thus contaminating themore


Communities participate in protecting Lake Tanganyika

Buhoro village,  Kasulu District in Kigoma Region is among of the heavily degraded upstream villages which pour sediments to Lake Tanganyika through Ruchugi River which has its source from this village. During the rainy season (November to May), one may clearly observe brown water from River Rumore

Community Conservation Banks Change Community Perceptions Towards Forest Management

Improving livelihoods particularly income of local communities residing adjacent to protected areas is a key to achieve environmental sustainability. The need for charcoal, firewood, timber, building poles and land continues to put pressure on forest resources in this area, and these pressures are emore

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