UNDP recognizes that achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) depends on vibrant economic growth driven by markets and private enterprises that create jobs provide goods and services for the poor and generate tax revenues to finance essential social services and economic infrastructure. 

The private sector, as an engine of economic growth is a key stakeholder in the country’s development agenda. Tanzanian private sector though and mainly dominated by both informal and formal small enterprises, provides employment and services to majority of the people. However, on the main, the private sector is largely underdeveloped, and the underpinning institutional and legal framework, need to be strengthened in order to create more conducive environment for enterprises to grow and attract investments.

Tanzania also needs to develop its capacity to tap into opportunities that Public Private Partnerships can offer to accelerate improvement in service delivery and development of infrastructure.

Current Programmes :

UNDP is working with African Management Services Company (AMSCO) in implementation of the African Training and Management Services (ATMS) Project in Tanzania. The ATMS project is regional project which is a sub-Saharan Africa's biggest and most ambitious human capital development effort in the private sector. The project is operating in over twenty five countries, to provide human capital solutions that lead to wealth creation via the private sector and commercially operated state enterprises. In Tanzania, the project has supported 30 local enterprises with the ultimate goal of making them sustainable and competitive.

Under Investment Contract Management for Natural Resources and extractive industries project UNDP is supporting the on-going government efforts to develop institutional capacity for negotiating, drafting, regulating and managing investment contracts. Through the project, institutional capacities of the Attorney General Chamber (AGC), MEM and other entities responsible for managing investment contracts will be enhanced.

 The SAGCOT initiative will be boosted through Southern Agriculture Growth Corridor (SAGCOT) Capacity Development project whose aim is to build institutional capacity of the SAGCOT Centre and other national institutions responsible for delivering inclusive business services in the SAGCOT

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