Opportunities and challenges for enhancing local development effectiveness in Tanzania

Apr 24, 2013

Some of DPG representatives at Geita Gold mine

The Government of Tanzania and its development partners have come a long way towards building successful partnerships and enhancing aid effectiveness. Building on the Joint Assistant Strategy for Tanzania and the outcomes of Busan, GoT is currently developing a new Development Cooperation Framework to further strengthen aid coordination and harmonization.

In view of evolving development cooperation landscape, UNDP Country Office arranged the annual Development Partners Group (DPG) Main fieldtrip to Mwanza and Geita from the 22nd to the 24th of April 2013, which included Development Partner Heads of Cooperation and Agencies from AfDB, CIDA, Denmark, DfID, Finland, France, IOM, Ireland, Netherlands, Norway, JICA, Sweden, Switzerland, UNDP, UNIDO, UNWOMEN, USAID, Health DP Lead/Denmark, two representatives from Ministry of Finance and one representative from Extractive Industries Transparencies Initiative Tanzania.

The fieldtrip generated a better understanding of the development opportunities and challenges in Mwanza and Geita regions to inform joint thinking and discussions on aligning programmes support to address national priorities and challenges. 

During the visit, Development Partners  representatives had the chance to discuss and learn about the role of extractive industries for local and national development as well as the delivery of social services with Local Government Authorities, councils, regional officials, NGOs, Private Sector Organizations and other stakeholders. 

A key visit was to Geita Gold Mine where Development Partners representatives met the Regional Commissioner, the Regional Administrative Secretary, the acting General Manager of Geita Gold Mine, the Zonal Mining Officer, representatives from small scale mining associations, and other stakeholders to exchange views on the extraction of minerals linked to accelerating economic growth in the region (through infrastructure, energy, transport, trade); on the integration of large scale mining operations into the local economy (taxation, employment, security, environment); and on alignment of Corporate Social Responsibility programs to district and regional priorities. 

Beyond the role of extractive industries in the local economy, participants learned about mechanisms and systems around delivery of social services, including visits to pro-poor sectors and business. Looking at Public Private Partnerships and economic development in the region, visits further included manufacturing and processing industries.

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