A Steering Committee established to Address Human Rights for People Living with HIV and AIDS

May 8, 2013

In launching the preparation of a legal environment assessment to strengthen and address human rights for people living and affected by HIV and AIDS, in May 2013, the Government of Tanzania established a joint Steering Committee composed of key stakeholders from the Ministry of Home Affairs, Members of Parliaments, the Attorney General’s Chamber, other legal institutions, CSOs, development partners and the private sector.

In collaboration with the UNDP Regional Service Centre for Eastern and Southern Africa, UNDP Tanzania is working closely with the Tanzania Commission for AIDS (TACAIDS) and the Zanzibar AIDS Commission (ZAC) who lead the national HIV/AIDS response in this initiative.

UNDP supports national institutions for HIV/AIDS in strengthening capacity for Gender and Human Rights responsive Policies and Strategies to combat HIV and AIDS in Tanzania, which includes enhancing the legal environment for People Living with HIV and AIDS.

The objective of the legal environment assessment is to create enabling environment for the national HIV and AIDS response, identify laws, policies and practices that limit effective HIV and AIDS response either directly or indirectly, and come up with strategies to review these laws, policies and practices. Further, to this a national dialogue will be held for various stakeholders to discuss issues related to HIV, Law and Human Rights and Key Populations.

This initiative is planned to expand to grass root levels at the districts across Tanzania where National UN Volunteers are posted to assist Local Councils in their efforts to combat HIV/AIDS and to strengthen community services.

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Mr.Bwijo Bwijo: bwijo.bwijo@undp.org

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