Tanzania’s Achievements in Human Development notable.

Mar 15, 2013

Launching of the report

Tanzania is among 14 countries in the world that recorded above two percent growth in human development index(HDI) trends between 2000 and 2012 , UNDP report says.

Tanzania which is  in the category of low human development group of countries in the report , recorded an average annual HDI growth of 2.15 per cent.

The Global Human Development Report 2013 titled "The Rise of the South : Human Progress in a diverse  World ‘’says  the developing countries  referred to as "the South" have achieved sustained rates of economic growth in  a  time of great involvement with emerging economies

 ''Tanzania has made a remarkable growth in human development in the last decade in terms of internet connectivity, rise of middle class and other economic drivers,’’said Mr Amarakoon Bandara , the UNDP Economic Advisor.

 ''Tanzania could make enormous gains in human development with little additional effort: by making its policies more people centered, making growth more inclusive, and putting in place appropriate social safety nets to protect the most vulnerable from shocks'' ,noted Mr Alberic Kacou, UN Resident Coordinator and UNDP Resident Representative.

 However, despite progress noted in the report, participants who attended the launch argued that the report focused on quantitative growth instead of qualitative which is much needed.’’For example in education we have done very well in terms of increasing  the number of schools constructed  but the quality of education offered to these schools is simply poor,’’said Prof Delphin Rwegasira, Economics Department, University of Dar-es-Salaam

 Prof Ammon Mbelle from University of Dar es Salaam challenged UNDP to evaluate critically on the quality of growth when analyzing human development progress in the country.

 The report also analyses more than 40 developing countries that have made striking human development gains in recent years. The Report attributes many of the achievements of the South to strong national commitments to better public health and education services, innovative poverty eradication programs and strategic engagement with the world economy.

 According to the report the key message is that economic growth alone does not automatically translate into human development progress. But pro poor policies and significant investment in people’s capabilities – through a focus on education, nutrition and health employment skills can expand access to decent work and provide for sustained progress.

 The specific focus areas suggested by the report for sustaining development momentum are enhancing equity, including on the gender dimension, enabling greater voice and participation of citizens, including youth, confronting environmental pressures and managing demographic change.

 Some of the largest   countries that have made rapid advances   according to the report are Brazil, china, Indonesia, Mexico, South Africa and Turkey. Other countries from smaller economies that have made substantial progress are Bangladesh, Chile, Ghana, Mauritius Rwanda and Tunisia.

 The launching of Human development at the country level took place in Dar-es Salaam on March 15 and was attended by different stakeholders from the Government, academia, media private sector, Civil Society, NGOs, etc.

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