Promoting Credible Elections...Registrar of Political Parties

Apr 28, 2014

Judge Francis Mutungi, Registrar of Political Parties with Joram Rukambe, Chief Technical Advisor for Democratic Empowerment Project (DEP)

On 15 April 2014, UNDP and the Office of the Registrar of Political Parties (RPP) signed a letter of agreement (LoA) to work toward strengthening democratic processes in the country. The LoA formalizes the relationship between UNDP and the RPP, and it further helps each institution’s endeavour to foster credible elections and promote an inclusive democracy.

The agreement provides for legal and institutional strengthening to the RPP through UNDP’s financial support via the Democratic Empowerment Project (DEP). The DEP is a multi-year donor-funded election project which aims at supporting various democratic institutions in Tanzania to promote transparent, credible, peaceful elections in 2015 and beyond.  

The key activities to be undertaken include support to improve the RPP’s capacity to review and foster adherence to the various laws which underpin its mandate such as the Political Parties’ Act, the Political Parties’ Code of Conduct and the Elections Expenses Act.  Additionally the RPP will promote dialogue processes among political parties to mitigate intra- and inter-party conflicts and also to provide training for the RPP’s staff to execute their work in a professional and credible

Judge Francis Mutungi, the Register of Political Parties, said the cooperation between his office and the DEP will go a long way to improve the capacity and credibility of the RPP to contribute to the democratization of political parties and politics at large.  My staff and I will work hard to ensure this support is put to good use and it is of maximum benefit my office and our stakeholders mainly the political parties”.

The DEP is an electoral cycle support programme managed by UNDP and supported by several development partners through a basket. This includes Canada, Denmark, DfiD-UK, Finland, European Union, Switzerland, the UN (One Fund), and UNDP.

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