UNDP Supports Agricultural Transformation in Tanzania

May 7, 2014

President Delivery Bureau Deputy CEO, Mr. Peniel Lyimo receiving keys for vehicles from Ms. Mandisa Mashologu, UNDP Deputy Country Director (Programme)

UNDP  Tanzania  in collaboration with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation (BMGF) through the President’s Office, is supporting the establishment of the Agriculture Delivery Division (ADD) within the  President Delivery Bureau (PDB) which, is charged with spearheading transformation of agriculture in Tanzania. Agriculture is of one of the National Key Result Area of the Big Results Now.

In the bid to strengthen operational capacity of the PDB –Agricultural Delivery Division, UNDP handed over three vehicles  to the PDB Deputy CEO,  Mr. Peniel Lyimo. The  vehicles will be used to facilitate the Agriculture Delivery Division (ADD) to  monitor  and supervise   implementation of the projects activities envisaged under the agriculture National Key Result Area.  We are very encouraged by the continued support  from UNDP and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. The support will enable the PDB and in particular ADD, to effectively  perform its important function of overseeing agricultural transformation in Tanzania. said Mr. Lyimo.

The ADD is supposed to lead transformative approaches in the agricultural sector. In that spirit,  it is recruiting a mix of high calibre professionals to fill in key positions at the ADD and at the Agriculture Ministerial Delivery Unit. UNDP is supporting the ADD in that process. Furthermore, UNDP has assisted the ADD  to procure  a consultant to establish and build management capacity for 30 maize ‘Collective Warehouse Based Marketing (COWABAMA)’ in Mbozi and Momba districts. In order to ensure sustainability of of this activity, capacities of Farmer Based Organizations in management and operation of the warehouses will be built in both districts.

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