UNDP AND UNICEF Support Legal Sector and Child Justice Reforms in Zanzibar

May 29, 2015

From left to right: H.E. Filiberto Ceriani Sebregondi, Amb. European Delegation to Tanzania; Hon. Zainab Omar Mohamed, Minister of Empowerment, Social Welfare, Youth, Women and Children, Hon. Abubakar Khamis Bakari, Minister of Justice and Constitutional Affairs and UN Resident Coordinator and UNDP Resident Representative Mr. Alvaro Rodriguez.

On the 26th of May 2015, the Revolutionary Government of Zanzibar (RGZ) launched the ‘Zanzibar Legal Sector Reform (2014-2019) and Child Justice (2013 – 2018) Strategies’. The two Strategies set a solid foundation for a comprehensive legal sector and child justice reform process to strengthen rule of law and access to justice for men, women and children in Zanzibar.

The launch was officiated by the Hon. Minister of Justice and Constitutional Affairs, Abubakar Khamis BAKARI, and the Hon. Minister of Empowerment, Social Welfare, Youth, Women and Children, Zainab Omar MOHAMED at the Zanzibar Beach Resort in Zanzibar. Representatives from EU, UN, Attorney General Chambers, Judiciary, Director of Public Prosecutions, Law Review Commission, Planning Commission, Ministry of Finance, Registry of Births and Deaths, Business Registry, The Police Force, Prisons, Civil Society attended the launch ceremony.

The development of the two strategies was through a joint United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and United Nations International Children’s Fund (UNICEF) programme of support titled ‘Support to Zanzibar Legal Sector Reform Programme’ (LSRP) in partnership with the European Delegation (EU) to Tanzania.

The reform strategy will be implemented by over nineteen institutions under the leadership of the Ministry of Justice and Constitutional Affairs (MoJCA). The reform strategy has five main objectives; (1) to improve criminal justice system that guarantees security and safety for the people of Zanzibar; (2) to improve the civil justice systems that makes civil litigation more efficient and accessible; (3) to enhance equal access to justice and legal services; (4) to strengthen child justice system that guarantees realization of rights and welfare for the children of Zanzibar; and (5) to improve the Zanzibar National Legal Framework to deliver justice efficiently and effectively.

The LSRP project is a three year (2014 -2017) multi-donor joint initiative amounting to US$ 4m, of which US$2.2m is a financial contribution from the European Delegation (EU). Through financial, technical and advisory support from UNDP and UNICEF;  the project aims to achieve the following key results; a) support the development and implementation of a comprehensive Legal Sector Reform Programme Strategy; b) enhanced institutional and operational capacity of the justice sector institutions to deliver services efficiently and effectively; c) strengthened legal aid mechanisms for a justice accessible to the people especially the most vulnerable; and d) enhance the capacity of the justice system to handle children’s cases and respond to the needs of the child victims, witnesses and offenders.   

UNDP is committed to support the Government of Tanzania (mainland and isles), in its efforts to strengthening the rule of law and ensuring effective justice systems that includes access to justice for all and in particular to the most vulnerable.

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