UNDP support to the 33rd annual general meeting of the Association of Local Authorities of Tanzania

Oct 5, 2017

Between the 2nd -5th of October 2017 the Association of Local Authority of Tanzania (ALAT) held their 33rd Annual General Meeting at Julia’s Nyerere International Conference Center in Dar es Salaam (JNICC) themed, “Land under the jurisdiction of the local authorities is the catalyst for the development, the councils should allocate land for the investment of small and large-scale industries.”.

Recognizing UNDP role as a key player and partner to the government of Tanzania in delivering development results, ALAT management team reached out to UNDP for support. UNDP Country team under inclusive growth and pro-poor pillar agree to aid ALAT with a total of $ 50,000 to facilitate the meeting.

Why UNDP supported the meeting?

Since local government authorities are the main implementers of government policies and plans. It was evident that sponsoring the meeting will accelerate government plans and UNDP programmes of which most are carried out at the local level.

Second, though there has been practical engagement between UNDP and the local government it is rarely on one occasion to find all authorities from local government in one place at one time discussing, achievement, challenges, and opportunities in respective of their duties and localities.

Therefore, taping to this vast array of diversity has positioned the organization with the opportunity of gaining publicity from the media, exploring a possible partnership with other development partners and Local Government Authorities, engage with high-level government officials such as Ministers, the President, Regional Commissioners, Mayors and District Executives.

Third, the 33rd annual meeting theme resonates with UNDP inclusive development strategy whereas resource ownership is to be decentralized to the people. This stimulates people-centered economy in which decision on how the resources are to be divided and used is placed on the people themselves henceforth empowered. 

Events of the meeting

During the meeting, UNDP was catered with booth space to showcase her work. This gave opportunities for participants to collect UNDP-publication materials and ask questions regarding UNDP work/programmes/projects. The booth also got a chance to be visited by Hon. President John Pombe Magufuli who was briefly on UNDP programmes and objectives in the country.

Speaking later during the meeting in his speech. His excellence President John Pombe Magufuli acknowledge UNDP-Tanzania contribution to the meeting and to other programmatic development results across the country.

Among other things, UNDP was also offered a slot for speech which was delivered to participants on the second day of the meeting. Speaking during the meeting Mr. Amon Manyama Head of programmes from UNDP-Tanzania assured ALAT a continuous cooperation and mutual partnership in the following areas.

  1. Economic development and poverty reduction. Through UNDP social protection programmes and inclusive pro-poor development initiative. UNDP will continue to strengthen her partnership with local government at district levels, with the aim of easing the effect of abject poverty.
  2. Climate Change and Environmental Conservation. UNDP will continue to empower women from 28 communities on best land management practice and economic value of conservation. And capacitate these communities with efficient and sustainable renewable energy for irrigation, heating, and lighting.
  3. Good Governance. UNDP will continue to support the government effort to revive accountability and responsibility in public services through legislative support and legal sector reform programmes. 

How is the UNDP support link to SDG?

The key element of sustainable and inclusive development is in partnership. Bringing together central and local government, private sectors, local NGO’s, civil society organization and International NGO’s, to address challenges, opportunities and success. Adhere to Sustainable Development Goal number 7 partnership for development, and UNDP-Tanzania strongly believes in partnership as a fundamental principle of achieving Sustainable Development Goals by 2030.

About ALAT

The Association of Local Government Authorities of Tanzania (ALAT) is the national local government association whose role is promoting and sustaining the goals and ideals of decentralization. The association was established on 13th December 1984, following the re-establishment of the Local Government System which had been abolished in 1972.

The goals of ALAT are to foster and promote smooth Local Government development in Tanzania; to maintain and further the rights, interests and values of Local Government Authorities and to represent the Local Government Authorities of Tanzania in the International Union of Local Authorities and other international fora. 

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UNDP head of programmes 


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