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Catalyzing Agricultural Development in Tanzania - Agricultural Delivery Division

Catalyses agricultural sector by establishment and support of Agricultural Development Agency  

Building Peace Across Borders

The project is designed to prevent conflict and building peace through addressing drivers of conflict and instability associated with forced displacement between Burundi and Tanzania  

Enhancing Capacity for Development Results and Effectiveness

The main objective of this capacity development intervention is to enhance knowledge, skills and capacity for the achievement of development goals that are owned by Tanzania as defined in the…  

Strengthening access to justice and human rights protection

The project will pursue strategic initiatives to improve access and to strengthen the ability of selected justice and human rights institutions to provide effective and accountable public service,…  

Legislative Support Project II

To support National Assembly to more effectively and responsively perform core functions of representation, law-making and oversight of the executive  

UNGC Tanzania

The overall objective of this project is to establish a culture of responsible business practices contributing to poverty reduction through more inclusive and sustainable economic growth.  

Enhancing forest nature reserves for biodiversity conservation

The project has established 10 Forest Nature Reserves and increased the sub-network of Forest Nature Reserves from two to 12 reserves.  

Building Peace Across Borders a Contribution To The Great Lakes Cross Border Multi Partner Trust Fund

The peacebuilding challenges facing the Great Lakes region are regional and require a comprehensive, concerted and coordinated approach across state boundaries.  

Strengthening Climate Information and Early Warning Systems for Climate Change Resilience in Tanzania

The project will enhance the capacity of Tanzania Meteorological Agency to detect climate change and respond quick to disasters  

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