On 28th Feb 2018, With Support of United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), Global Compact Network Tanzania (GCNT) convened meeting for Chief Executive officers from Private sector associations and Civil society organisations at Ramada encore for half day meeting to discuss the role of Private, Sector Associations, Civil society organizations and Media engagement for Sustainable Development Goals implementation in Tanzania.

Discussion at the meeting covered engaging private sector associations, Civil society organisations and Media in shaping Tanzania’s development agenda by improving business environment and their engagement towards SDG's implemention.

Members of Private sector organization and civil society organization in a group photo during the meeting

35 members from private sectors associations and Civil Society CEO`s attended the meeting aiming to:

Rais awareness of Private sector associations and Civil society organisations CEO`s on their roles towards achieving Sustainable Development Goals(SDG`s)

Secure commitment and support from PSOs and CSOs on advancing the agenda 2030

Position the Global Compact Network Tanzania (GCNT) as a convener of a multi-stakeholder policy dialogue on key corporate sustainability and public policy issues

Why SDG's agenda is important for private sector and civil society organization?


Speaking at the event Mr. Ernest Salla - UNDP, Program Specialist & Head of Inclusive Growth and Sustainable Livelihood Pillar said

The SDG's agenda is an ambitious agenda and It calls for a renewed partnership to address urgent global sustainable development challenges such as ending poverty, tackling inequality, protecting the planet and  empowering of women and girls’.

No single actor can realize ambitious SDGs alone, the 2030 Agenda emphasizes the active engagement of all key players on issues of common importance

Mr. Salla highlighted he practical means of integrating sustainable development priorities into business strategies and day-to-day operations can be a daunting task

These challenges small and medium-sized enterprises daily operations. That is why it is important for business, industry associations, civil society organisations, academia and media to accelerate corporate engagement in the sustainable development agenda

With extensive networks and sector-specific expertise, these entities can serve as key platforms for sharing knowledge and know-how on integrating sustainable development measures into corporate management by fostering partnerships, building capacity, setting technical standards, and diffusing best practices

Integrating SGD's to the National development plan and polices

Speaking at the event Fitsum G. Abraha – UNDP Economic Advisor

Achieving the SDGs requires the partnership of governments, private sector, civil society, media and citizens alike to make sure we leave a better planet for future generations. UNDP provides support to governments to integrate the SDGs into their national development plans and policies

GCNT and UNDP subsequently agreed that, while the workshop provided momentum to the private sector associations, Civil society organizations and media to discuss and learn their major roles in implementing the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), but opened further opportunities for collaboration with PSOs, CSOs and Media.  Through their extensive networks, PSOs, CSOs and Media they serve as key platforms for sharing knowledge and know-how on integrating sustainability measures into company operations

The role of GCNT toward SDG's implimentation

GCNT Coordinator, Mr. Emmanuel Nnko

GCNT will continue Scaling Up Sustainability Collaboration through showcasing contributions that business associations, industry associations, civil society organizations and media have made to shape a more sustainable economy and highlights the benefits that these groups can bring to companies’ sustainability work in the country.

Commitments from private sector

Representatives of private sector associations, civil society presented concrete examples of their organization’s contribution to advance different areas of sustainable development, from providing a platform for discussing sustainability challenges and identifying best practices, to developing technical guidelines and providing trainings, and engaging in policy advocacy

Agreed resolutions

GCNT/UNDP to design the tailored awareness program per sector and convene meeting with various sectors such as banking & finance, manufacturing, Oil and Gas, Logistic and transport, health etc. to advocate for the SDGs and UNGC 10th principles to stakeholders.

Follow up meeting/ workshop to talk with key players to leverage the SDGs and seek their commitments with support of their respective PSOs.

Establishment of Online Multi stakeholder’s platform to connect and convene the Tanzanian Private Sector Companies CEO`S to deepen collaboration, leverage resources, sustain impact, drive the implementation of the SDG and delivery tangible results of the country development agenda.

Create Thematic groups to ensure customized focus on SGDs as per industry needs/requirements are considered.

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