Using Artificial Intelligence to tackle 'infodemic' in Tanzania

This blog provides a narrative for an experiment conducted using Artificial Intelligence techniques to analyse twitter data from a specific population. Deep learning models and Natural Language…  

Tapping into Open Data and Satellite Imagery to understand solid waste ecosystems

This blog summaries some of the results from an experiment conducted in collaboration with our partner our partner Open Map Development in the Mwanza City Council.  

Strengthening E-commerce in agriculture sector

Agriculture is undoubtedly the largest and most important sector of the Tanzanian economy.  

Using satellite imagery to enhance data in solid waste management

Exploring how Mwanza city in Tanzania intended to use new sources of data to inform its solid waste management operations  

Can Design Thinking help understand Solid Waste Management Systems? Experiences from Tanzania

UNDP Tanzania Accelerator lab has embarked on an exciting collective intelligence odyssey to engage the Mwanza Municipal Council’s environment department team to help re-imagine the city’s solid…  

Using 3D printing to help in the fight against COVID-19 in Tanzania

UNDP accelerator Lab in Tanzania has joined hands with various techpreneurs in the innovation ecosystem to respond to the crisis by supporting a '3D makers community' in designing, fabrication and…  

Deforestation in Developing Countries: Are we saving money from it?

Most rural areas in Tanzania host a large population, and they continue to suffer from the impact of deforestation. The problem will continue if no concrete measures are taken to arrest the situation  

A lesson from Msalala DC: Investing in innovation and local solutions through local budgets

Investing in innovation and local solutions through local budgets - lessons from Msalala District Council in Tanzania.  

A "magical box" providing clean energy and safe water to rural communities

UNDP Tanzania is supporting a project to install OffGridBox technology in nine districts in Tanzania. The multipurpose OffGridBoxes will provide safe water and clean energy  

Breaking the Obscurity of Grassroot Solutions

A traditional interpretation states that innovation emerges when existing systems and practices fail to serve people's need.  

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