Environmental sustainability,
climate change & resilience

Risk-informed and sustainable.

Tanzania has great treasure of unique resources for biodiversity and tourism including wildlife, natural forests, beaches, mountains, rivers and lakes. The country also has a tropical weather and a wealth of cultures. Most of these resources are found in protected areas and contribute to the tourism industry in terms of foreign exchange, which is more than 17 % of the GDP according to government figures, however, climate change threatens to undo positive development gains globally, and Tanzania is no exception. 

UNDP in Tanzania is working to ensure that national and subnational government, local institutions, civil society organizations and the private sector have increased capacity to manage natural resources. Our projects promote efficient and sustainable ecosystem and biodiversity management including mining, improved infrastructure, and increase the energy access. Through our work, we support the strengthening of institutional capacity for environmental law enforcement provide equipment for Early Warning Systems for Climate Change Resilience and reduce conflict over scarce natural resources through the land use planning process, improve water governance through formation of water user’s associations.

Some of our key projects

Combating poaching and wildlife trade
Enhancing forest nature reserves for biodiversity conservation
Enhancing climate change resilience in Zanzibar
Low emission capacity building

Protecting the environment.

88 rangers from the 16 national parks, were trained on how to effectively conduct walking safaris in their respective areas. The training was supported by UNDP/GEF supported project Strengthening the Protected Area Network in Southern Tanzania (SPANEST).  


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