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Tanzania has sustained relatively high economic growth over the last decade, averaging 6-7 % a year. At 7 % in 2016, Tanzania’s economy expanded quickly, however this slowed down during the last quarter of 2016 and continued to do so 2017. The poverty rate has declined, but the absolute number of poor has not because of high population growth. About 12 million Tanzanians live in extreme poverty on earnings of less than USD 0.60 per day. Many others live just above the poverty line and risk falling back into poverty in the event of socio-economic shocks.

UNDP supports the government of Tanzania to create livelihood opportunities and reduce poverty, especially among the most vulnerable groups. We work with businesses to create jobs and economic growth, and with government to build infrastructure, link rural areas to markets and develop new forms of employment. Through our work we promote an integrated approach that tackles the issues of multidimensional poverty, inequality and exclusion, and sustainability, while enhancing knowledge, skills and production technologies to enlarge people’s choices, reduce risks and sustain development gains. 

Some of our key projects

Establishing a UN Global Compact Local Network
Pro-poor economic growth & sustainable development

17.1 % 

of the population in Tanzania live in severe poverty.


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