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Electronic Wastes - a silent killer

Electronic Wastes - a silent killer

This blogpost is about electronic wastes and the need for consistent approaches to counter this issue  

UNDP inaugurates 227kWp Hybrid Solar System in promoting sustainable energy in Tanzania

The UNDP Tanzania Country Office today has officially inaugurated its 227kWp Hybrid Solar Power System, which is installed at the United Nations House in Dar es Salaam. The move is exemplary in…  

Protecting forests and natural resources in Tanzania

UNDP is committed to continue efforts of protecting vital natural resources in Tanzania through partnership with the Government of Tanzania and the international donor community  

A field visit to the Nature Forest Reserves

UNDP is committed to the safeguarding of Tanzania’s forests and the ecosystem services they provide, while also promoting development for the communities living in and around the forests.  

Fighting climate change impacts at the local level

UNDP Tanzania has been supporting people in rural communities to increase their awareness and knowledge on climate change adaptation and mitigation. This story showcases one of the successes.  

Enhancing forest nature reserves for biodiversity conservation

The project has established 10 Forest Nature Reserves and increased the sub-network of Forest Nature Reserves from two to 12 reserves.  

Goal 15: Life on hand

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