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Practice and Procedures in Election Petitions in Tanzania

Practice and Procedures in Election Petitions in Tanzania

Feb 10, 2017

This Manual outlines important procedural steps from the presentation, filing, trial and determination of election petition. This Manual is designed to provide judicial officers with a quick reference on practice and procedure guide during trial of election petitions. It is also a useful resource tool for all election trial practitioners.

The Manual also exposes some old and new areas and decisions which have never been accessible, not only to Judicial Officers and lawyers, but also to members of the public. I am mindful of the fact that the Manual may not embody all matters on electoral dispute resolution. However, we remain convinced that it would, to a significant extent, serve as a starting point towards the acquisition of vital knowledge in this important subject area.

Issues covered

  • Procedure in trial of election petition
  • Pre-trial procedures
  • Trial of election petition
  • Grounds for avoidance of elections
  • Standard and burden of proof
  • Conclusion of election trial
  • Appeals in election petitions

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