Climate Change & Energy

Climate change is one of the defining challenges of our time. Receding forests, changing rainfall patterns and rising sea levels can exacerbate existing economic, political and humanitarian stresses and affect human development. UNDP works with national, regional, and local planning bodies to help them respond effectively to climate change and promote low-emission, climate-resilient development.Read more

Our Goals

UNDP support to climate change adaptation initiatives in Tanzania focuses on the following: supporting the Government of Tanzania in finalizing a National Climate Change response strategy and revision of the development of the Tanzania National Adaptation Plan, Supporting Government (both Union and Zanzibar) in mainstreaming climate change into national development plans and strengthening capacity for climate change governance, support to achieving sustainable energy and reduction and initiatives on reduction of emissions,deforestation and degradation.Read more

Impact of Climate Change

Climate change effects e.g.floods are increasingly evident. UNDP is supporting the Goverment in finalising a National Climate Change strategy.more

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Projects and Initiatives

  • Mainstreaming Environment & Climate Change Adaptation in the implementation of National Policies

    The overarching aim of the project is to strengthen Tanzania's national capacity for climate change adaptation. The goal is to ensure that environment and climate change are mainstreamed in the most economically important and vulnerable sectors of the economy in Tanzania leading to reduced poverty levels while maintaining environmental integritymore 

  • Strengthening Climate Change Governance in Zanzibar

    The aim of the project is to support the Zanzibar Vice residents Office(ZVPO)in strengthening climate change governance for Zanzibar through capacity building and mainstreaming of adaptation actions in development plans.The project will strengthen the foundation for Zanzibar Government in addressing climate change challenges.more 

  • Mainstreaming Climate Change Adaptation Through Small Grants Programmes

    This project aims at supporting implementation of early adaptation actions for local communities that are adversely affected by climate change impacts in selected areas of Tanzania. The project also focus on demonstrating successful community based climate change adaptation initiatives for people living in marginal areas. more 

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