The Government in collaboration with the Economic and Social Research Foundation and UNDP on Wednesday 28 November 2018 unveiled the Tanzania Human Development Report of 2017 on the theme of

“Social Policy in the Context of Economic Transformation”. The ceremony was held at the Ministry of Finance and Planning offices in Dodoma and officiated by the Minister for Finance and Planning, Honourable Minister Dr. Philip Mpango who was represented by the Deputy Permanent Secretary, Dr. Khatibu Kazungu. The report was prepared by Economic and Social Research Foundation under UNDP support.

While launching the report, the Deputy Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Finance and Planning, Dr. Khatibu Kazungu, noted that the national report THDR 2017 was vital for the government in preparation of national policy, development programmes and budgeting

In addition, “the report serves as the vehicle for the government to conduct monitoring and evaluation in the various national development programmes,” said Dr. Kazungu. He pointed out that the report importantly demonstrates how ongoing economic transformation can be integrated with human development, to attain the government’s goal of middle income status.

In her key remarks, the UNDP Resident Representative (AI), Ms. Natalie Boucly informed the audience that the THDR 2017 provides vital insights on education and skills, health, labour force and inequalities, backed by quality data in the form of a comprehensive statistical annex. She said, “the report concludes with a clear statement confirming the importance of a people-centred approach, a principle at the heart of Tanzania’s development agenda since independence.”

The report shows that agriculture which employs over 60% of people in the country, holds the key for the accelerated growth and job creation in the country. She added that agricultural transformation remains a catalytic driver of economic diversification, industrialization and human progress through its impact on household incomes, employment and well-being.

UNDP Resident Representative (AI), Ms. Natalie observed that according to the national report, the anticipation of the needs of a younger and growing population is an important factor for economic transformation to happen in the country. It is critical to invest in women and girls as active agents of change and that investment in gender equality and women’s empowerment not only improve the lives of individual women, but also bring multiple dividends to families and societies in terms of employment and economic opportunities.

The report argues that the state has a strategic role to play in transforming Tanzania, saying it recognizes the importance of having an effective regulatory capacity and ability to protect public health and the natural environment while also fostering a competitive private sector.

She said, “we believe that UNDP’s human development reports make important contributions to national, regional and global efforts to ensure that no one is left behind and that the benefits of human development are widely shared.”

Ms. Natalie affirmed UNDP’s continued support in engaging the Government of Tanzania, national research institutions and other development actors to find solutions to the challenges facing the country.

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