Protecting forests and natural resources in Tanzania

UNDP is committed to continue efforts of protecting vital natural resources in Tanzania through partnership with the Government of Tanzania and the international donor community  

A field visit to the Nature Forest Reserves

UNDP is committed to the safeguarding of Tanzania’s forests and the ecosystem services they provide, while also promoting development for the communities living in and around the forests.  

Fighting climate change impacts at the local level

UNDP Tanzania has been supporting people in rural communities to increase their awareness and knowledge on climate change adaptation and mitigation. This story showcases one of the successes.  

From food insecurity to self-reliance

He does not contribute anything at all. I built this house on my own so that my children have a place to call home and are not destitute. In fact, my children are grown now and and offer me some…  

Lesson on value addition from Zanzibar

The process of making dried mango chips begins with the slashing of mangoes into chips. The next step is to mix the chips with garlic, vanilla fruit and salt. The chips are then put onto the platters…  

How access to water promotes construction of modern buildings in Dodoma villages

This is Kurio village in Dodoma where access to water has promoted easy access to healthcare facilities and services, employment opportunities to youth through brick making and construction of modern…  

Conserving Ruvu water catchments to enhance water availability

UNDP Tanzania, in partnership with the Global Environmental Facility (GEF) and the Tanzanian government introduced a five-year programme (2015-2020) titled ‘Securing Watershed Services through…  

Building capacity for women entrepreneurs to participate in UNDP Procurement process

UNDP Tanzania recently conducted a training for women entrepreneurs aimed at increasing women owned/managed business participation in United Nations Procurements. The purpose of the workshop was to i)…  

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