These are some of Mercury containing devices that were found in five hospitals contained in a box ready for proper disposal
Safety is our number one priority the box contained Mercury devices are safely kept in a locked room with minimum access to trained personnel

Why replacing them with digitized equipment

At one point in our lives we will visit a hospital and when doctors treat illnesses or take our measurement they are more likely to use [CG1] [EM2]  Mercury containing devices such as thermometer and sphygmomanometer

In case of breakage Mercury is released to the environment. Due to poor collection, storage and disposal of Mercury result to environmental pollutions, subsequently affecting human health and other living organism. 

The way forward

Therefore UNDP and Ministry of health  initiated a project name “Reducing Unintended Persistent Organic Pollutants (UPOPs) and Mercury Releases from the Health Sector in Africa. ” to replace Mercury contained devices with non-Mercury containing devices in all five health facilities in Dar es salaa 

Nurse at Mananyamala hospital using new supplies equipment to take in-patient measurement

The project plans is to scale up in other health facilities across the country  

For more information please contanct 

Bwijo A. Bwijo; Practice Specialist HIV/AIDS; United Nations Development Programme;  Tell: +255 22 21951/ Mobile: +255 689 113 116

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